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We have sixteen years of experience working with students at every level across a wide range of subjects. We currently offer tutoring services in all primary and secondary school subjects, all high school Advanced Placement courses, and multiple foreign languages.

Academic Tutoring

Whether you need a little extra guidance to get the most out of your English class, are feeling lost in chemistry, or want to advance to an even higher conceptual understanding in AP calculus, Austin Learning Center is here for you. Our core academic tutoring service is appropriate for students who want to build their content knowledge and academic skills within the framework of their current academic course load. Students bring course materials and tutors support students using those materials and supplementing their work with extra practice.

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Test Preparation

Students who prepare for the SAT or ACT with Austin Learning Center begin by taking a full practice exam so that we can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in each area of the test. Our staff then designs a preparation plan tailored to their needs. In addition to college test prep, ALC offers one-on-one tutoring to students preparing for the PSAT, SAT II, TAKS/STARR, ISEE, COMPASS, THEA, GRE and MCAT exams, as well as professional exams, including certification exams for Texas educators. ALC offers a limited number of group test reviews in the run-up to high school and college entrance exams. Please contact us for more information.

Customized Tutoring

While all academic tutoring is both individualized and responsive, Custom Planned tutoring is most valuable to students who have goals for tutoring that lie outside of the framework of their academic course load. This service is perfect for students who want something more than mirroring or supporting what is happening in school. The breadth and depth of a custom plan are limitless, and our director of instruction works to create a plan and a customized approach for each student. The result is rich and meaningful learning experiences that are right on target with the student's goals.

ALC Offers Customized Learning for:

  • + College Mentoring
  • + Study Skills
  • + Academic Language Therapy
  • + Credit Recovery or Advancement
  • + Home School
  • + Intervention
  • + Enrichment
  • + Case Management or Mentoring
  • + College Planning and Applications
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Study Skills Coaching

Our unique approach to study skills is a hallmark of our success with students. We believe that when study skills are learned in the context in which they must be applied, students find the most value and develop the best habits. Our trained study skills coaches make significant effort to help students learn the skills for organization, test-taking, time management, and executive functioning within the context of their actual academic experience. In doing so, study skills are meaningful and better transferred to new academic spaces.

College Application Prep

We take the fear out of the college application process. Whether you need feedback on your essay, want guidance building a resume, or would like to talk through the application to be sure it is completed accurately, Austin Learning Center can help.

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Educational Services and Advocacy

Austin Learning Center can assist students and parents in navigating 504 or Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and our staff is available to serve as a bridge between students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Our tutors also have experience working with students who are in credit recovery programs, enrolled in distance learning courses or enrolled in summer school. For many years, our tutors have also implemented successful Title I and Intervention programs in a wide range of private and public school campuses, juvenile detention facilities, residential homes and homeless shelters. Our team has designed oversight and accountability systems for homeschooled students' academic needs. We are also available for small group instruction.

Summer Programs

During the summer we offer regular academic tutoring, as well as summer classes and camps, both for students in search of enrichment opportunities and for students who want to bridge gaps in their learning before the next academic year.