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Our Leadership Team

Becky F.
Founder + Owner

Our owner, Becky, has devoted her professional career to education, and most pronouncedly to the professional practice of tutoring. She has decades of experiencing the transformative impacts of tutoring, has engaged in academic work to more deeply understand how learning is fostered in one-on-one spaces, and has a keen appreciation for the role that tutoring can play in a student's academic formation. Becky has a gift helping students get the most from tutoring interactions and thinks outside of the box to devise educational solutions to meet the needs of diverse learners. She loves her work because she both believes and sees that a one-on-one tutor can serve an invaluable role in the life of a student. She has built an operational and instructional team of compassionate leaders and educators who share in her vision.

Becky is deeply committed to the educational spaces within our community. She serves on the Diocesan School Advisory Board for the Austin Diocese and is past-president of the Cathedral School of Saint Mary School Advisory Board. She has also chaired fundraising efforts for several local schools and serves as a CASA volunteer. Austin Learning Center and Becky individually have received numerous awards, and she is most proud of those that point to her dedication to teaching diverse student populations.

Becky holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, a Masters degree, and a PhD in Education, all obtained from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focus throughout her doctoral studies included a close examination of tutoring interactions and the reflections of expert tutors. She crafted a new model for tutoring that involves building meaningful knowledge of individual students and consideration of the social contexts in which they operate. In her free time, Becky enjoys learning new things and spending time with her family and friends.

Amy C.
Director Of Instruction

Amy graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with a focus on Global Health. Since joining Austin Learning Center in 2008, Amy has logged well over 10,000 hours tutoring students in various subjects and in 2019, she opened ALC's Houston office. In addition to tutoring her own students, Amy is ALC's Director of Instruction. As Director of Instruction, she creates custom plans for students and serves as the curriculum lead for all tutors on staff. As a tutor, Amy focuses on all levels of Math through Calculus AB, several areas of Science including Biology (AP), Chemistry (AP) and Physics, as well as standardized Test Preparation. As a career tutor, Amy loves the connections she gets to make with her students. She holds them to a high standard while recognizing that every student is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, she loves to help them figure out how to be the best versions of themselves.

September F.
Director Of Operations

As Director of Operations, September is responsible for overseeing the operational team that specializes in office logistics and client relationships. September's specialty is operations management and she has the integral role of directing all operations of our office. September has been instrumental in the development of the systems that allow our office to run effectively, and her work is guided by the goal of client satisfaction. September's role is all encompassing, and she handles many aspects of our business that help maintain a high level of customer service to our loyal clients. September joined Austin Learning Center in 2010 and holds a bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. September is very active in the community and is always found helping others.

Alex N.
Professional Leadership Team

Alex graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Historical Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2009. He completed his student-teaching at North Dallas High School and obtained his high school teaching certificate at the same time. In 2012 he returned to UTD to pursue a degree in Actuarial Sciences, completing upper-level math courses along with statistics and probability, scoring a near-perfect on the notorious Exam P. There, he began tutoring his fellow students in probability, holding weekly sessions. It was there, while standing in front of the white board, that his passion for teaching and education re-ignited. After moving to Austin in 2014, he joined the Austin Learning Center team just in time to help students with their winter midterms.

Alex focuses on all levels of math, from elementary to multi-variable calculus and AP Statistics. Additionally, he's put his history degree to good use by tutoring US and World History, Human Geography, and English. Since starting at ALC, he has begun tutoring AP Physics along with SAT and ACT prep.

Alex loves learning as much as he loves teaching, and makes it a goal to add one new subject every year. Being a life-long learner keeps him student-focused whenever tutoring. He tries to impart strong study skills that are tailored to individual students and prepare them for the independent studying that is necessary in college.

Rebecca B.
Assistant Director Of Instruction

Rebecca graduated from the University of Texas in 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology (concentration in social aspects of health and disease). While pursuing her degree, she also volunteered in a coral research lab at UT working on a project to genotype individual coral larvae using microsatellite markers. After graduation, she decided to put both her love for learning and knack for teaching to work as a Career Tutor.

Rebecca joined ALC in 2013 as a diverse and dedicated tutor. In 2015, she was promoted to Lead Academic Tutor and, in 2019, to Instructional Specialist. She now serves as Assistant Director of instruction where she helps drive key decisions regarding academic plans for students and the curriculum used at ALC in addition to mentoring other tutors.

Rebecca truly finds helping others learn and understand difficult concepts rewarding. Her patience, empathy and collaboration skills enable her to tailor her instructional approach to fit each student's needs.

Cameron D.
Professional Leadership Team

Cameron is an Austin native and a graudate of LASA. After receiving a perfect score on the SAT, he chose to attend the Univeristy of Texas at Austin. While at UT, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Math. Cameron then went on to complete a Math PhD from Duke University 2 years ahead of schedule.

Cameron has several years of individual tutoring experience. He initially worked with us at ALC while at UT, and now has rejoined us since completing his PhD. Cameron has also taught three semesters of college calculus, covering differential and integral calculus and multivariable calculus.

In his free time, Cameron enjoys video games, hiking, rock climbing, and following Formula-1 racing.

Nick J.
Professional Leadership Team

Originally from Colorado, Nick graduated from MSU Denver with an English degree, emphasis in writing, and a minor in mathematics. He later attended Colorado Film School, University of Colorado, emphasis in screenwriting, after which he has co-directed short and feature films that played at the Estes Park Film Festival. He has judged writing contests for the Denver School of Arts, and has been a screenwriting judge for the Austin Film Festival since 2009. He currently writes coverage for the festival, and is a ghost-writer for another company.

As a career tutor and part-time teacher, Nick has been tutoring math, English and history at Austin Learning Center since 2010 and loves his work. His main area of expertise is helping students read and think critically, and write cogent, entertaining essays. He appreciates the importance of accommodating different kinds of thinkers and tries to explain concepts thoroughly to help his students understand them, inside and out.

In addition to his 10 years tutoring at ALC, Nick has 2 years tutoring experience at the "Math Lab" of Amarillo College and 6 years combined teaching experience at San Juan Diego High School, St. Austin's Catholic School and St. Ignatius Catholic School.

Eric C.
Professional Leadership Team

Eric graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 with Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Piano Performance. He returned in 2018 to finish a degree in Economics and begin working on high school teaching certification. Throughout his college career, Eric has been tutoring at ALC ever since he joined in 2009.

Eric has loved participating in competition math since middle school; in high school, he expanded his interest to helping his friends on the math team find new and special ways to solve the tricky problems found at these math competitions. Eric found a natural transition to tutoring, helping students see new ways to approach problems and strategies for taking tests under pressure. He sees each new year at ALC as an opportunity to learn from his peers and his students alike, and to improve as both an educator and a student.

In his spare time, Eric will often be found playing disc golf or video games. He still enjoys listening and playing music and will occasionally try and pick up and learn new instruments.

Jen S.
Professional Leadership Team

Jennifer is an educator with over 20 years of experience. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education from the University of North Texas and is certified as both a special education teacher in Texas and as an Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Practioner. Jennifer recently completed the Hernandez Fellowship Program at the University of Notre Dame, training as a school leader and advocate for English language learners.

In addition to working as a teacher for grades 1 and 2, she has worked as a Title 1 Coordinator, Behavioral Specialist (K-12), Reading Consultant, Transition Specialist, and Vocational Adjustment Coordinator. Recently, Jennifer joined ALC as a full-time tutor and dyslexia specialist focusing on all levels and subjects of elementary school. Outside of the classroom Jennifer loves swimming.

Our Tutoring Team

Our tutoring team has been voted best in Austin, year over year, for nearly two decades. With over 75 carefully vetted educators on staff, we focus on finding students the right fit.